Adrenalin junkies get their fix online

When the waves are not rough enough, the slopes are bare and the wind speed flat, extreme sport fanatics are turning to the web for their adrenalin fix. Take a look at the Extreme Sports channel for starters. If you're interested in turning up to an extreme sports festival in the UK, pay a visit to Whiteair for details of where to be.

WebTwitcher is currently browsing through the excellent Doctor Danger, and is impressed by the section on cheese rolling (fans of this particular extreme sport need to wait till May 2007 for the next event). If you want to add some extreme feeds to your MIX, GrindTV is a must - it has a great collection of extreme and hardcore sports footage.

The Xtreme Sports Xchange is also a spectacular adrenalin hunter's site, with an RSS feed of daily extreme sports news to keep your cold turkey at bay.

If you've seen any good extreme sports blogs, let us know.


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