Adopted man finds biological family via Facebook

A man from the north of England who was adopted at a young age has tracked down his birth mother on Facebook. Richard Marks, 33, was given up for adoption as a newborn and his attempts to track down his biological family had proved fruitless.

Marks began the search for his birth mother when he turned 18 but the only clue that he had was a letter that his sister, Andrea Roczniak, had left with Bury Social Services. After 15 years of searching for his blood relatives, Marks decided to try his luck on Facebook sending messages to anyone who lived in the Manchester area with the surname Roczniak.

One of the people to whom the 33-year-old wrote was his sister Andrea who replied: "I think you're my brother." Marks called his sister and finally got to speak to his mother: "After that I called my mum. I could hear a faint voice blubbering so I said 'hello mum' and that was it we were talking and crying for the next two and a half hours."

Mr Marks is set to meet up with his mother later this month and has credited Facebook with helping him find his family: "Facebook has changed my life - if it wasn't for that then all this wouldn't have happened."

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