Check out this list of addresses of shops in Kirkcaldy that sell electric fires

Despite the fact that many of us have now made the move away from traditional coal fires, there are many who still enjoy the aesthetics provided by the warm flames dancing effortlessly up your living room's chimney. These days coal is becoming much less common. Due to its messy nature and the fact that it's not particularly good for our environment, more and more people are deciding to have electric fires installed in their home.

Not only do they mimic the look of real fires, but they also make use of an otherwise abandoned and lonely looking fireplace in the middle of your living room. Although they serve predominantly as something that's nice to look at, you can get many electric fires that also generate heat, making them both visually pleasing and also useful.

For those of you based north of the border in Scotland, there are many places that specialise the sale, installation and maintenance of electric fires. However finding the right one for your budget is certainly going to be something of a challenge. Many retailers have extraordinarily high prices for not only the units themselves, but also to install them for you, meaning that you really have to be prudent when it comes time to buy.

For this reason, we have compiled this list of addresses of shops in Kirkcaldy that sell electric fires. Not only do they all have excellent prices, but their customer service is second to none. If you have any queries, problems or maintenance issues they'll help you out right away with no questions asked. So if you're planning on picking up an electric fire in preparation of the coming autumn and winter, you know precisely where to look.

  • FireGroup, 5 Stenhouse Mill Wynd (Off Gorgie Road), Edinburgh, EH11 3LR. Tel: 0131 444 2262. Web: firegroup.co.uk
  • Stonecraft, 3 Lower London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5TL. Tel: 0131 652 1464. Web: stonecraftedinbrugh.co.uk
  • E.O. Fojcik Fireplaces Ltd, 195 Commercial Street, Kircaldy, Fife, KY1 2NS. Tel: 01592 640 183. Web: fojcikfires.co.uk

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