Adding RSS feeds to your Excite MIX via Firefox 2

If you're using Firefox 2 you can now add RSS feeds to your Excite MIX page while you're browsing the web. It's really simple:

STEP 1: Enable Excite MIX on Firefox 2 by clicking HERE.

STEP 2: A new browser window will appear. Confirm you want to add Excite MIX to the list of RSS readers presented.

STEP 3: Visit any website with an RSS feed. Click on the orange RSS icon that appears next to the site URL in the Firefox URL search bar. Select Excite MIX and the RSS feed will automatically load on to your MIX page.

Simple, timesaving and an easy way to add your favourite content to your personalised homepage!

Not using Firefox 2 but want to try it out? Install it for free here. Let me know if you find any interesting RSS feeds too!


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