Adam visio ivory; the perfect fireplace

The Adam Visio Ivory fireplace is one of the best selling fireplaces thanks to it's sleek classy looks. Adam have managed to turn a fireplace into a thing of beauty. It is an ultra modern looking electric fireplace that fits in with just about any decor.

This is the type of fireplace that can litterally be hung from a wall or mounted anywhere you see fit. It is mounted like a flatscreen television and only takes up around the same space. it is almost flush to the wall!

A fireplace no longer has to be a hole in the wall full of soot and dirt, thanks to Adam you can get a fireplace that will suit a modern apartment. Thanks to the ability to hang it, you can fit it just about anywhere.

You can expect a maximum output of 2 kW, this should keep things toasty on cold days. The fire also has a pebble bed with a realistic glowing effect. Of course you have the option to just have it on as an effect. You can choose beween three settings for low heat, high heat and just the fire effect with no heat.

Adam fireplaces are available in just about shop but the best way to buy them is online. FireplaceWorld has the largest selection of fireplaces from Adam. They are available in all different colours and styles so be sure to check them out.

When it comes to flashy , modern looking fireplaces the Adam Visio Ivory is the best of the bunch.

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