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Directed by Hollywood hitmaker James Mangold, the trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts is the latest of a series of teasers starring professional actors. The latest COD trailer features a cameo performance from the sexy Megan Fox, who plays the part of a Las Vegas experienced rooftop sniper.

'Epic Night Out' is the title of this high-concept, big-budget promo. The concept behind it is to promote the four players mode. In fact, the trailer features four male actors / gamers as they blast their way through the newly developed Call of Duty instalments.

The video opens with the four friends, armed to their teeth, arriving in a derelict, war ridden Las Vegas, while the song 'I'm gonna live till I die' by Frank Sinatra plays in the background.

Very different looking from your average video game actors, the four friends seem to really enjoy themselves while firing their semi-automatic rifles and running from snipers,bombs and helicopters.

VIDEO: Megan Fox stars Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer

As they run for their lives, the four men jump into the ruins of what looks like the Bellagio Hotel and casino. There, they manage to fire a rocket launcher that opens a doorway to the roof.

It is on the roof of the blasted hotel that the four friends meet Megan Fox. She is a beautiful and deadly soldier of fortune. While one of the men attempts to chat her up, the experienced sniper saves his life by firing at a small Maxis Drone as it looms above the unsuspecting gamer.

The trailer goes on showing the friends arming their semi-automatics in space, driving 4x4 through the Pole, shooting to helicopters with a bazooka, always with a satisfied grin on their face.

The COD promo video ends with the four friends happily making their way home while the title 'There's a soldier in all of us' runs above them.

The trailer is rated for a public of 17 and over.

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