Acer platinum traveller 15.6 laptop case

If you need to carry your 15.6 laptop from place to place then you need the Acer platinum 15.6 laptop carry case. This is a neat little travel case that makes your Acer laptop that bit easier to get from point A to point B.

When it comes to carrying laptops around, a lot of people don't bother with carrying cases. This can be a really bad idea as it's much easier to scratch or damage your laptop if it's not protected when travelling. For as little as £80 you can get yourself a sturdy protective Acer platinum traveller.

You can find these in just about any electronics store in the UK for around the same price, but you can always find a deal on websites like Amazon or eBay.

If you want to get it for a few quid less, we recommend you hit up the UK branch of eBay and see what's on offer. Here you will find these cases for nearly half the price in 'Buy Now.' If you start a bidding war you could get them for much less again - so eBay is always worth a quick look!

If you plan to do some travelling and are worried about the welfare of your laptop during the move, then you should definitely consider a carrying case. The Acer platinum traveller 15.6 laptop case is the perfect case for any 15.6 laptop. There's a tonne of storage for hard drives, CDs and USB devices and it will keep your laptop free from scratches and other damage during travel.


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