Absolutely positively the last bit of Google news this week

We've told you about the Android update, the tablet, the new phone, Chrome OS and the new laptop designed to run it. Oh, and the updates to regular old Chrome. We have just one last piece of Google-related news for today, and then we promise we'll shut the heck up.

Remember Google's 'Facebook killer' social network, 'Google Me?' Remember a few days ago, we told you it was now known as 'Google Plus One'? And that it'd be a tool to share webpages?

Well, aye-aye, what's this? The clever folks at TechCrunch have got their hands on what looks an awful lot like a photo of the service in action.

Look closely, and you'll see a user's Google account details, and a 'share button' with what looks like a counter to tell you how many others have shared the same thing. Not unlike Facebook's 'like' buttons, then, really. What's not clear is who you'll be sharing with, or whether you'll see the toolbar around the web or just on Google sites.

In other words, we don't know how big a deal this is going to be yet, but it's clearly closer to being launched than we thought. Ah, social network wars, you never cease to entertain us.

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