About the Samsung Mono Laser printer

Consumers of Samsung products will be pleased to know about the company’s latest mono laser printer. The ML-1860 is currently one of their smallest laser printers on the market today.

The powerful Samsung Mono Laser printer is created with an elegant and ultra compact design. It offers users heaps of great features that include one touch printing, rapid speed print, an ultra low noise level and easy to access power button.

The ML’s One Touch print screen button quickly and easily provides a printing option from the computer screen, even while you’re away from the desk. With one simple click, unwanted content is edited and cropped from documents or webpages. A different button allows users to print the screen as it appears on the monitor. Looking for a copy of the last thing on your screen? That is easily accomplished by holding the button down for more than two seconds. The ML-1860 allows you to print anything, anytime.

A welcome feature of the ML-1860 is its AnyWeb Print software, which provides users the chance to search the web for content then drag and drop the selected content from the webpage to a printable scrap board. This can all be done while you continue to surf the Internet.

Its whisper quiet, low noise feature and compact size make this printer the perfect choice for students, small home businesses or large companies that are pressed for space. A printer with brains and beauty, the ML-1860 laser printer is complete with a glossy dust-free exterior, making it look more like an office accessory than a traditional printer.

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