Apple is a remarkable company. Its products are often beautiful and always well-designed, and do some things very, very well. They deserve their success. But my god, they do get some annoying things wrong. And they can be painfully slow at fixing them.

Take the iPhone's alarm bug. Last autumn thousands of US iPhone users found themselves late for work after the iPhone's clock software failed to properly take account of the clocks going back. Even if a user had updated the time on their phone, their alarms would go an hour out of whack. Apple apologised, but didn't do anything about it. Then on New Year's Day, the problem reoccurred.

And now it's come to Britain. Thousands of iPhone users found their alarms went off an hour early, an hour late, or not at all this morning after the hour change on Saturday night. Not all alarms were affected - only 'non-recurring alarms set within the iPhone's calendar application, rather than its dedicated alarm clock,' which is pretty specific. But it's still completely ridiculous that a problem like this persists after months - despite the iPhone's software having been updated since last time.

So come on, Apple. Quit making beautiful slabs of silicon for an hour and just give us working damn alarms.

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