A world on your hard drive

File this one under what we believe is called 'nerd culture.' If you're a geek of a certain age, you'll remember GeoCities. It was the original MySpace, a personal web page hub where anyone could have a hideously-designed website spattered with photos of their cats. It was rubbish.

But as is so often the way, one year's rubbish is another's nostalgia-fest. GeoCities (it had a ridiculous 'geographic metaphor', where web pages were grouped into imaginary cities, villages and even farms) was finally shut down by owner Yahoo! in 2009. But in the weird world of the web, nothing beloved of geeks ever really dies. Die-hard fans have somehow managed to download every single bit of every single GeoCities website, and bundled it all together into one gigantic 900GB bit-torrent file.

Why? We're not really sure. But if you've got a terabyte drive lying around unused, you could have yourself a bit of silly web history.

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