A window to a phone

We’re hoping that the Windows Phone 7 lives up to the potential it’s shown, if nothing then just to keep those dastardly buggers at Apple on their toes. So we’re quite happy to see this video below, which explains some of the key features about the phone, including its gaming capabilities.

Interestingly you’ll be able to play games over Xbox live on your phone, with other players on their consoles. It’s not real-time yet, but that’s apparently what they’re working towards. Interesting, no?

‘We are working on real-time phone-to-console, likely initially through Wi-Fi. Operator networks are sensitive to that,’ says the Microsoft rep in the video below. ‘That's not on day one; day one will be turn-by-turn as well as companion-type gaming where you play a level on the phone and it may unlock a level or a weapon or some special achievement on the console game.

‘But, yeah absolutely working on phone-to-console real-time. That is something we're working on and expect to have in the near future.’

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