A victory for the little gal

Every now and again this harsh, spirit crushing neo-liberal capitalist world in which we live throws up a nice story or two to make you think ‘hey, those scalping rich buggers ain’t so bad after all, eh?’ Ah you fools, it’s all part of their secret plan to keep us under control, through the medium of shiny new gadgets.

Take a look at this heart-warming tale of a poor, disabled American woman – Diane Campbell – who was originally denied the right of buying an iPad she had saved up for, only because she wanted to pay with cash, for instance. Originally Apple stopped her from paying with cash because they claimed that debit and credit card spending would stop iPads from appearing on the black market (utter nonsense, by the way), but when she made it clear on US telly how angry she was, the outrage spread so fast that Apple were forced to make nice. Luckily for us, and for you, the story is available in video form too, so you can see the hilariously shiny, over-the-top and toothy coverage afforded to her struggle against the forces of evil. Go Diane!

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