A useful app at last!

'Hey, check out my new app! It makes my £500 iPhone sound like a £2.99 vuvezela!'

Yes, it's fair to say the phenomenon of the iPhone app has, like ringtones before it, become as much a source of annoyance as of fun. But every now and then, an app comes along that might actually help us do the things we love. Like drinking.

Enter JD Wetherspoon. The alcoholic's favourite pub chain - and, in fairness, also that of everyone who likes bewilderingly cheap drinks - has released an iPhone app. Yes, really.

JD Wetherspoon Pub Finder will - go on, guess! Yes, that's right - tell you where your nearest JD Wetherspoon's is, using the iPhone's funky GPS capabilities. But that's not all! It'll also tell you where your nearest Lloyds No. 1 bar is, that slightly-more-upmarket chain also being owned by Mr. Wetherspoon. And! You also get opening hours, the telephone number, and whether each branch has wi-fi.

This could save you a lot of money if you always went to your nearest JD rather than simply your nearest pub. And the app itself is free, so what's not to like?

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