A truly portable bike

We know, you come here for news about things involving screens. But this is cutting-edge tech, just of a different kind. (If it's good enough for Gizmodo.....)

You've probably seen people about town with 'portable' bikes - the kind you fold in half, producing something as large as a suitcase which you then have to lug on the tube?

Well, forget them. The ultra-stylish bods at Wallpaper magazine have commissioned hot japanese designers Kinfolk to come up with something better. The result is pretty gorgeous - a full-size bike, without the comedy wheels common to folders, that breaks up and fits into a thoroughly luggable leather tote bag.

Such beauty comes at a price, of course: the bike will set you back around $2500, and the bag, amazingly, the same again! But move quick in arranging your mortgage: they're strictly limited-edition.

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