A tiny bit of genius

Sometimes an idea comes along which makes us think 'who came up with that?' Sometimes, though, an idea comes along which makes us think 'why didn't someone do this before?' As a rule, you probably want to aim for the second category if you want us to cover you/read your press release/sleep with you/etc.

Well, step up and take a bow, Orange, for you've done the near-impossible: come up with a genuinely customer-friendly innovation in mobile phone network-age, and one we can't believe hasn't been done before at that. Orange, well done, you are now our boyfriend.

OK, enough gushing, but fair play to them, this is genuinely kinda cool. You got a pay as you go phone? You out of credit? I bet you'd love to top up and call your friends, but you can't really spare a fiver this week, right?

Well, you're in luck - at least if you're on the UK's favourite brightly-coloured mobile network. Orange are introducing 'Tiny Top Ups'. From now on, you'll be able to top up as little as 10p at a time.

You can't do it with your debit card, natch - you have to pop into an Orange shop with your loose change. But once you're there, you can hand over 30p, £1.50 or £3.78, or whatever you've got, and get whatever calls and texts you can eke out of it. You can send a text with a balance of just 10p, and make a call with 20p.

And that's not all! Orange are celebrating the launch of the scheme by doubling any tiny top ups made in March. So your 45p could magically become 90p. Cor, we wish our local chip shop would do that.

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