A surprise winner in the 7-inch Honeycomb race?

A few days ago we told you that things weren't looking good for fans of 7-inch tablets. Yes, they have the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry PlayBook to choose from; but one of those is terminally out-of-date and the other has virtually no apps to choose from. What 7-inch fans need is a Honeycomb tablet, one running the latest version of Google's Android software; a smaller partner to Motorola's Xoom and Asus' Eee Pad Transformer.

But with the Acer Iconia A100 having been delayed until the end of the year, the signs weren't good for the arrival of any 7-inch Honeycomb tablets any time soon. But! There's been a late entry into the race, and from an unexpected source: ViewSonic. Known as a producer of budget keyboards and a few pretty ropey low-cost tablets, they've shocked everyone by announcing a 7-inch tablet that looks pretty nifty - and is packing Honeycomb.

The ViewPad 7x, as it's known, is packing a dual-core Nvidia processor, which should give it enough heft to push around Honeycomb and HD video at a healthy rate. And it's planned for release in June. And, knowing ViewSonic, it'll be cheap as chips! What's not to like?

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