A step forward

A big step has been taken for the recognition of video games as an art form in the same league as television and film: next year’s Grammys will feature video games in four of the main award categories, putting it on the same level as the older and more illustrious mediums.

According to Industry Gamers, the Recording Academy has added games to the description of four awards: The Music for Visual Media, Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Song Written for Visual Media. Whether this means we will start to see games taken as seriously in other awards ceremonies remains to be seen however.

‘I think this could be viewed as a first step in the direction of video games getting their own category,’ said Bill Freimuth, VP of awards at The Recording Academy. ‘Many people from the game community have been asking us to create a special category for games over the years, but the main reason we haven't is because we have received very few entries from game publishers.’

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