A Splash Of Colour

Here at Digitaledge, we love our Kindle. The special e-reader screen - known as 'e-ink' - is so much nicer to read than an full, glowing LCD screen. But we do miss colour sometimes. If only they could make an e-ink e-reader with a colour screen!

Well, you can probably guess what comes next: they have. It's not Amazon, or a big-tech rival like Sony, who've brought out the first colour e-ink e-reader, though, but a little-known manufacturer named Hanvon.

Their colour reader has a Kindle-dwarfing, iPad-matching 9.7in screen, and an impressive 1200x1600 resolution. But it's not perfect by any means, according to Engadget: 'the E920's colors are muted and not really on par with what you'd expect from even a mediocre LCD, refresh rates are pretty glacial, and the touchscreen functionality is of the resistive kind, meaning you'll have to resort to using the integrated stylus for navigation.'

It sounds like the colour e-ink technology isn't quite ready for primetime yet, but if manufacturers can find a way to make the screen light enough for colours to come through - without an LCD-style artificial backlight - colour e-ink could have a bright future...

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