A sneak peek of Windows 8!

It doesn't seem that long ago since Windows 7 launched, but now we've had a sneak preview of Windows 8. Microsoft has moved quickly to update Windows 7, despite its success, for one reason: tablets. Windows 7's touch support is iffy at best, despite Microsoft's best efforts, and it doesn't run on the ARM chips powering most tablets. So Microsoft is powering on with Windows 8 in a bid to provide a touch-friendly, ARM-friendly version that will be as at home on tablets as it will on laptops and desktops.

At least, that's the idea. But if these leaked screenshots are anything to go by, there's no radical redesign on the cards. They show a Windows 8 that works very similarly to every version since Windows 95 - taskbar with shortcuts, Start button, system tray, etc.

(No, by the way, that's not Windows 8 in the picture. That's Windows 1.)

That doesn't mean big changes aren't afoot under the bonnet - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has called Windows 8 their 'riskiest product'. And it may be that a different user-interface is planned for tablet versions that's less driven by a windows-and-taskbar paradigm than this. But for now, it looks a lot like a case of 'meet the new Windows, same as the old Windows.'

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