A sinner repenteth

There might be a very bright future for the Windows Phone 7. It’s up against a formidable foe armed with impressive marketing and PR departments, and there are some people who just will not allow themselves to buy anything that isn’t an iPhone (the saps), but one rather famous Apple fanboy has stepped into the breach to help push their foray into the smartphone market.

Yes, Stephen Fry rolled up to the launch of the Windows Phone 7 yesterday to show his support for the new device. He claimed that he wasn’t being paid to be there, but showed up because Microsoft had started to think about the user first, and that he had been playing around with one and enjoyed the experience. Take that, Apple.

‘What joy there is heaven when a sinner repenteth,’ Fry said, sounding like bit of a fool. ‘Microsoft forgot that even the greyest number cruncher is a human being first, and that their experience is based on feeling and on emotion.’

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