A scooter fit for Supergran

Think 'scooters,' and you probably think about Eddie Izzard's crack about Italians riding round saying 'ciao.' But for the older members of the population, 'scooter' means 'mobility scooter', the trundling little four-wheelers designed to ferry grannies to and from the baker's. They're basic, unstylish, and very, very slow.

Well, except this one. 31-year-old madman Colin Furze, has stuck a motorbike engine on his second-hand mobility scooter and got it up to a whopping 69mph. That's over nine times the usual maximum speed, according to the statisticians at the Daily Mail.

Furze, a plumber in his normal life, has taken to careening around his local racetrack in a bid to get the scooter to hit 70mph - and get into the Guiness Book of Records.

Do you ever wonder what these people would do with their days if there wasn't a Guiness Book of Records?

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