A roaring success

Microsoft has claimed that at least two million Xbox Live users have logged into their Facebook accounts through their Xbox 360s since the launch of the social networking site on their system last week. Given that we know that there are around 20 million Xbox Live subscribers, mathematicians can work out that 10 per cent of all users have at least tried it out.

Even more impressive though, is the success of the Last.FM application (easily the best of the new additions), which has resulted in 500,000 new accounts being created for the music streaming site and over 120 million minutes of music being streamed through it. Now Microsoft, when will you make this available for people not in the UK or US?

Meanwhile, 1.7 million Live users have watched some lovely HD video through Zune, while there have been ‘tweets from nearly every market where we have Xbox Live’ on the Twitter app. That doesn’t mean much, in fairness, and given that it’s easily the weakest new app it would hardly be a surprise if it wasn’t doing too well. All in all though, the stats back up our overall positive impressions of the news services, so well done Microsoft.

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