A real life Twitter festival

“I’m eating a Prêt & Manger chicken Caesar baguette;” “my sister told me I’m fat so I told her she’s adopted;” or “how many pins are there in ten-pin bowling?”, are just some of the wonderful types of messages geeks like to share on Twitter.

Well the ever-growing social networking site is branching out into festivals; the cleverly named Twestival Local (10th–13th September) to be exact. The event, which will simultaneously run in 133 cities worldwide, brings Twitterers together in the offline world (out of their bedrooms) where they can help each other with technological issues and do something good i.e. teach people how to use Twitter (we’re serious). It’s not all about inept social skills though; there'll be live music and free drink with the £15 entry ticket and it's all in aid of the charity Childline with donations collected, yes, you guessed it, through Twitter.

The London Twestival Local is on Thursday 10th September at Vinopolis, on the Southbank by London Bridge. Go to Twestival.com for more details, or presumably Twitter.com

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