A real (Bio)shock

We loved Bioshock. In fact, we still love Bioshock. So you'll be less than surprised to hear that we're looking forward to the sequel, the imaginatively titled Bioshock 2. The next instalment is looking to be more pant-fillingly scary and action-packed, and also has a novel approach to its multi-player action.

The single player mode is being designed by 2K Marin, but the multi-player is being designed by a completely different company – Digital Extremes – who developed Unreal Tournament and the PS3 version of the first Bioshock game.

It seems that this odd move has a lot to do with the depth of story in the single player campaign, and that they want the multi-player to be almost like a stand alone game. It sounds good too: it's set in the world before the first Bioshock game, before the fall of Rapture, the city in the game. Should be good chaps.

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