A Porsche with your name on it

Having a Porsche with your name carved on it must be among many motorheads' wildest dreams. Well, if you 'like' Porsche on Facebook, your dream is about to come true - only you'll have to share it with 999,999,999 others.

Porsche recently celebrated its one-millionth fan on Facebook. To mark the occasion - and to pick up a bit of press - it's carving all their names onto a car and displaying it at the Porsche museum in Stuttgart.

This being Facebook, they'll be real people's real names, unlike the '@need_a_muffin' types you'd get if you tried this with Twitter followers. Marketing gurus disagree about the real business worth of collecting thousands of Facebook fans, but this is a pretty nifty - and cheap - way of getting a rep as a company which 'values' these casual, click-in click-out relationships.

The bad news is, if you're not a fan of Porsche already it's too late to get your name etched onto this particular car. But you can get in now for whatever they do to mark the second million...

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