A nifty, expensive Mac accessory (now there's a surprise)

Apple's Magic Trackpad seemed a nifty enough little widget when it was released a couple of months ago. But it had a bit of a design issue, a rare thing for Apple products. See, the Magic Trackpad - which you use instead of a mouse - is designed to sit alongside Apple's shiny Bluetooth keyboard. But lots of users - including us - prefer a trackpad to sit in front of the keyboard, like on a laptop. Using a different setup feels weird.

Enter the Bullet Train Express Aluminium Keyboard Platform. The catchily-named accessory is, as the moniker implies, a platform for your Magic Trackpad and keyboard. It elevates your wrists, which prevents RSI; but more importantly, it holds your Magic Trackpad in front of your keyboard where it's easy to use. We reckon it looks like the ideal solution to make your Mac super-satisfying to use.

Of course, as is the norm with Mac gear, it's not cheap. The Platform costs $99, and international orders aren't available yet, but are expected to be soon.

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