A new era?

When the G1, the first phone running Google's open-source Android operating system, was released in 2008, people were sceptical that the new software could ever challenge Apple's iPhone. But, two years and lots of different Android handsets later - including the first 4G smartphone, the HTC Evo - Android phones have overtaken not just the iPhone, but RIM's popular BlackBerry, as the top-selling smartphone OS in America.

It's not really comparing like with like - Android is selling on handsets from many different manufacturers. But if the number of Android models available keeps increasing, it looks like Android is set to be the majority software. That makes phones a lot like PCs, where Windows dominates but with the hardware made by many different companies.

And it's good news for Android users. If there are going to be more of them than iPhone users, it means more apps being developed for the Android Market. Those who've been crying out for an Android version of iBlast Moki might just be in luck...

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