A mixed bag

The Facebook, Last.FM, Twitter and Zune apps have finally landed on Xbox Live, with people quite literally foaming at the mouth with excitement about it. Or not. In any case, we’ve had a little dabble with the new toys online, and can report back that while most of them are fairly useless until other people join them (like when they get back from work today), there is definitely some promise there.

Facebook is pretty much as you’d expect it to be, with the news feed and live feed both being updated as and when people put stuff up, as well as people’s photos and what not. The most disappointing thing is the lack of access to your friends’ videos, which given the whole point of it being used on a big telly is a massive mistake. Twitter as well is as odd as it ever was, although that really is a pig to use if you don’t have the mini keyboard (in fact it is anyway). Zune is as it was before, but with 1080p HD streaming movies, which so far look pretty good, although you’ll need a decent internet connection for it.

However, the jewel in this latest update is Last.FM, which is fantastically implemented. It basically works as it does on the web, but if you have your telly hooked up to a decent speaker system you’ll get superb audio as well as a load of really well organised stations for you to just link up to. As yet it doesn’t work while playing games, or at least it didn’t for us. Whether that changes or not will be up to you, so try it out, and damn well complain about things you don’t like (number one: make Last.FM available to people outside the UK and USA, please Microsoft).

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