A milestone approaches

Wow. We knew that the iPhone and iPad (and iPod Touch's) App Store was a smashing success, but we didn't realise quite how, er, smashing. Just a year ago, the Store marked its 2 billionth app download. Now, it's homing in on the 10 billionth.

That's right - that's more than one app download for every person on earth, or an average of 60 per iOS device. That's a lot of apps. Remarkable when you think that Apple didn't originally plan to even allow external developers to develop apps for the iPhone.

Anyway, Apple is marking this milestone with a competition! Whoever buys the 10 billionth app will win an iTunes gift card. That might not seem very impressive, until we mention that the gift card will have a value of ten thousand dollars.

That's a lot of music/film rentals/ebooks/apps.

To mark the occasion, Apple have also revealed the best-selling App Store apps of all time. And, there's no real surprises: the number one is Facebook, with Skype and music recognition app Shazam also doing well. And paper toss is in there too, and of course Angry Birds.

How long do you think it'll be before they hit 20 billion?!

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