A Memphis Fireplace Suite: the focal point of your living room

Whether it’s summer or winter, warm or cold, a Memphis fireplace suite is a great addition to your home. These electric fireplaces suites consist of a surround, a hearth and a back panel. You won’t have to worry about the environment either. There is no coal or other fossil fuels needed.

A Memphis fireplace suite offers a fantastic alternative to the traditional fireplace; however instead of losing heat up the chimney, this electric fireplace will send it out into the room. It is suggested that a Memphis fireplace suite is used alongside central heating.

This suite has 2kW wattage and a heat output of 1.00kW and 2.00kW. It has a separate heat and flame setting. You can get these fireplace suites in a variety of colours. It is a free-standing unit that fits flush to the wall, so there is little or no hassle in having one in your home.

There are two main advantages of having this stunning fireplace suite in your home. They provide an outstanding source of clean electrical heat and they also provide an aesthetically pleasing focal point to your room.

You can avail of multiple different styles, colours and sizes to suit your taste and the décor of the room.

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