A little Android for everyone

Fancy getting in on the smartphone game, but can't afford it? Help is at hand.

There was a time when phones with apps and organisers and email were strictly for stylus-toting yuppies, but nowadays with games like Angry Birds and functions like music playback, everyone should really have a powerful big-screen phone. But they have generally been a little pricey. Soon, though, Vodafone customers will be able to join the smartphone revolution for just £80 on pay as you go.

The new Vodafone Smart, out this summer, looks like a perfectly decent Android smartphone. (Android is Google's mobile phone software, and there's thousands of apps available for it.) It's got a 2.8-inch screen, a bit smaller than the screen in an iPhone, and a 2-megapixel camera. It comes with loads of built-in apps, including email, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter.

And it's going to cost just £80 on pay as you go when it comes out in a few weeks' time. That's less than the current king of budget Android handsets, Orange's £99 San Francisco. We reckon this could be the bargain of the summer.

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