A hoover for Rover

You got a dog? You got carpets? Then you'll know what a terrible combination that is. You're there, week after week, sucking up incredible quantities of hair from your carpets, clogging up your hoover, and generally feeling miserable. How does one little dog produce so much hair?

Wouldn't it be easier if you could just hoover the dog?

Well, amazingly, now you can. Dyson, makers of expensive-but-apparently-amazing bagless vacuum cleaners, have released a special attachment for their cleaners which lets you use them... well... on your dog.

We kid you not! The Groom tool, as it's reasonably known, 'connects to most of their vacuum cleaners and sucks up loose hair and dead skin,' according to Gizmodo. You press a button to activate bristles which help pick up the hair at a medium suck, then release to whoosh the collected hair and skin into the drum.

Which is a good idea, we guess. But emptying a bagless hoover full of doggie dandruff? Ew!

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