A high priority upgrade

If you're anything like us, you've grown very fond of Gmail's Priority Inbox feature since it launched a few weeks ago. For the uninitiated, Priority Inbox uses scarily clever Google algorithms to identify which of your never-ending stream of new email is worth reading and shifts it to the top of the pile. It's super-useful but, so far, hasn't really made the leap to mobile phones.

Well, now it has - at least for Android users, who as denizens of Google's own mobile 'ecosystem' get the coolest stuff first. A new version of Gmail for Android is out, coming included with the new 'Gingerbread' software update and also available in the Android Market. It lets you easily filter out email that Google's system doesn't think is important, and, super-usefully, lets you set the app to only alert you of new email when it's considered worth your intention.

You can also send mail from more than one account with the new app. All in all, if you're a serious mobile emailer, it's reason enough to think about switching to Android.

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