A helping hand grenade

We wrote about Call Of Duty: Black Ops’ new wager match multiplayer mode a while back, and how intrigued we were with this new way of playing the game. Luckily for both you and us developers Treyarch have released some new video footage for us to have a poke at, detailing both the wager mode and how they plan to get us involved in the multiplayer.

What intrigues us the most is the heavily customisable nature of the game, which allows you to put you own mark on your avatar and weapons, all through the new currency system. Also interesting is the multiplayer training mode, which allows you to participate in the multiplayer arenas against computer opponents. We think this is nifty idea to get novice players who are intimidated by the multiplayer world the experience in the maps and the format, without come foolish child bellowing in your ear for not being any good.

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