A good Fring

We have to say that we’ve never been the biggest fans of video calling: For one thing it seems really weird to want to stare into your phone screen while you’re talking, and it makes you a complete target for muggers. In any case, outside of work or being a long way away from your partner, what possible use does a blurred video bring to your conversation?

Now that we’ve got our concerns out of the way, we’re free to bring you the latest in video calling technology, courtesy of Fring. They have very recently introduced group video calling as a beta on their system, which offers up the possibility of talking to three other people at once.

From the demonstration which is linked to below (hosted by a very enthusiastic man), we can see that the interface is very simple and that the video quality is pretty good, although presumably that depends a lot on your Wifi/3G networks. However it does look handy, and is available on Android and iPhone. Go to the Fring blog to get involved.

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