A glimpse of the future

You might not know it, but a new 'iPad killer' is about to be released. No, we don't mean the BlackBerry PlayBook, or another Android tablet. We mean the HP TouchPad.

Evolved from the Treos and PalmPilots of yesteryear, the TouchPad is the first tablet running WebOS, the software many think is the best mobile OS available. And we're pretty excited about it coming to a tablet, to be honest. Offering full multitasking, which you still don't get on the iPad 2, and a beautiful user interface, we think it has real potential.

HP are launching the TouchPad in the US on July 1, and given its low profile right now, they're naturally eager to increase awareness of its powers. So they've put a bunch of new videos up on YouTube to show it off. CrunchGear has the full list, but this one below should give you the basic idea. Does the TouchPad look like an iPad killer to you? Or just another pretender?

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