A gadget to unite the sexes

Now, we're not sexist here at Digitaledge. We know that lots of girls love gadgets, and lots of guys love cooking, paper books, and lots of other defiantly non-silicon-based things.

But let's allow a bit of generalisation here: as a rule, boys are more into gadgets than girls are. And girls are more into kitchens than boys are. When a man and a woman imagine their dream home, he's often thinking about the killer home cinema set-up in the living room, and she's often dreaming of the perfect rustic set-up in the kitchen.

Is this depressing? Probably. Is it true? It really is.

So how can these duelling impulses be reconciled? We think it's fair to say that sticking an iPad on the wall of the kitchen 'for recipes' will satisfy his nerdy urges, but not necessarily fit in with the country-kitchen look she's going for. But what if the high-tech gadgetry was hidden inside the cooker? And what if that cooker was the one which many would-be chefs dream about: an Aga?

This magical dream has come to pass. The new Aga Total Control system is a 'proper' Aga complete with early-industrial cast-iron looks. But hidden behind one of its doors is a touch-screen panel that lets you program each part of the cooker to be on when you want. Planning a roast? Stick the oven on for two hours, and tell the hob where the carrots are to come on for the last twenty minutes. You can even tell it to switch off when you go out, for safety's sake. Or control it with an iPhone.

This looks amazing. There's just one problem - it does cost £10,000. Still, who needs a car, really?

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