A few crumbs for the plebs

Microsoft have always been a massive pain in the hole when it comes to peripherals for the Xbox 360: their own brand merchandise almost always costs an absolute fortune (with the wireless adapter being a particularly nasty con), while more and more restrictive policies towards third party products lumber the owners of a great console with a choice: either pay up or go elsewhere.

One of the main sticking points was the hard drive. Due to the policy above, any external hard drives had to be Microsoft made only, and they were often double the price for half the storage capacity. The filthy money grabbing pigs. However, that is about to change, as a stand-alone 250GB hard drive is coming to the market on 16 April, priced at £79.99. The price could be lower, but frankly anything is an improvement over the ridiculous £120 they were expecting for the 120GB version, and in any case there will be discounts, if you look hard enough.

‘The 250GB hard drive offers the player more space to store game content and full titles with games on demand,’ wibbled some Microsoft bod. ‘They'll also have more freedom to download the latest demos, Xbox Live arcade games, TV shows, movies, music and more straight to their Xbox 360 console.’

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