A few clips to get you in the Halloween mood

I guess you're not in the mood for much work this afternoon, your mind otherwise occupied with things including how to fix the plastic wart to your head so it doesn't slip off during the night. If that's the case and you're staring into space waiting for a flash of inspiration, why not stare at some funny Halloween-themed YouTube videos instead?

WebTwitcher particularly likes the New York Institute of Photography's guide to taking Halloween photographs. Great tips for some memorable scary shots this year.

Not quite funny in the traditional sense of the word, but if you like the Michael Myers Halloween films, check out the Halloween 11 tribute video montage to the catchy Tears for Fears track, Shout. (Quick digression: why are the women always overcome in bathrooms WebTwitcher wonders...).

Certainly Halloween wouldn't be complete without a mandatory mention of the King of Nightmares (no, not Noel Edmonds), Freddy Krueger, recently voted GQ Man of the Year...sorry...top horror film of all time, in a recent poll.

You may also want to watch what a pumpkin looks like when it's rotting for 15 days.

Happy Halloween - don't forget to take a child with you if you're going trick or treating otherwise you'll look odd and may be risking arrest.


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