'A drunk and vomit-filled argument'

We’ve been keeping an eye of Fable 3 for a while now, intrigued by the possibilities of keeping a grip on our rule of Albion after we snatch it away from the evil and brutal king that ruled over us with an iron fist before. Not only that though, but the myriad relationships and interactions that promise to make the latest in the series the most immersive yet.

Top man at developer Lionhead Josh Atkins gave a hint to Computer and Videogames about just how immersed you can get.

‘This is difficult to describe without making me sound disturbed,’ he said. ‘While we were iterating on the game I ended up marrying several homeless women who had alcohol problems.

‘At one point two of them seemed to be on the bad end of a particularly adventurous night and both were vomiting quite regularly. So I decided to introduce them to each other - which then resulted in a drunk and vomit-filled argument.’ This we like.

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