A change of tack

Xbox 360 owners have already been taking advantage of the system’s superb Sky Player application for a while now, so much so that many have been hoping that other on demand services would be brought to the console.

Well now it looks like ITV Player and 4oD are set to arrive on the machine, after an insider revealed that Microsoft is set to change its stance on TV platforms, which they wanted to restrict Xbox Live Gold subscribers. They had the same problem with the BBC iPlayer, which pushed Auntie away. However should they be changing their position that could also open up renegotiations with the Beeb. And wouldn’t that be lovely?

‘It is taking a progressive view and opening up the platform to a number of people,’ said the ‘unnamed insider’ to Broadcast. ‘Broadcasters are interested in securing a presence on Xbox because they have all seen how well Sky has done from the distribution deal. And there has been an internal shift to making it easier for them to get onto the platform.’

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