A change of Color

Hey, remember Color? The iPhone app, which let you see photos taken by people near you, made a gigantic hype-y splash when it launched earlier this year, mostly because it had raised an incredible amount of money and then spent an incredibly large amount of it on a URL.

A few months ago, though, Color had become a punchline - a living, breathing symbol of the 'web 2.0 bubble.' A New York Times story described its staff sitting around a half-empty office with nothing to do. The app hadn't set the world alight, and Color was looking like a failure.

Well, Color is back - and it's completely different. We don't mean it's just had a revamp - we mean 'it's a totally different product and all that's the same is that (expensive) name.'

Color is now a Facebook photo and video app, for some reason. The idea is still pretty weird, though. You use the app to post a photo to Facebook of something interesting - a pretty sight, a delicious meal, you with someone you're meeting - and your friends can click on the photo to request a live video chat with you.

Yes, we know: Facebook already has video chat built in, apparently rendering New Color completely pointless. OK, you can invite lots of people to your video chat, but you can do that on Skype.

Will Color's new incarnation render its crazy valuation worth it? Or will it remain a bit of a laughing stock? Time will tell, but if you're eager to see what they've come up with, New Color is in private beta and you can register your interest now.

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