A big bite for Apple

We're sure that you've all had enough of hearing about the recession, decreased spending, houses being repossessed yada yada yada, but even the world of expensive electronic goods has been hit by the current financial crisis. Crazy, when you think about it.

One of the big sufferers of this slump is Apple, whose Mac computers have suffered a slump in sales of 20% when compared to late last year. Analysis from Piper Jaffray has noted that 28 Macs were being bought every day from Apple stores, down from 36 every day in November last year, and from 38 in August.

Now given that the iPhone and iPod are making Apple a cartload of cash (although iPhones sales are down 22% as well according to the same research), we think they're going to ride out this recession just fine, but the exorbitant cost of buying their Macs could very well push people over to regular PCs.

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