Windows 8 preview

While Windows 7 has done a great job since its release, Microsoft spends time working on a new version. Windows 8 will have new impressive features as well as a stunning UI. Microsoft released a prototype of Windows 8 on a tablet in January 2012. You can get a taste of Windows 8 by downloading the developer preview, which is a pre-beta version.

User interface

Speaking about the new user interface, Windows 8 has done a great job with that. Windows 8 has been fundamentally redesigned, giving you an embodied simplicity. The user interface is designed to offer a more intuitive navigation and interaction with a mouse, keyboard and touch.

Windows Store

Microsoft has decided to compete against other big companies on the market by adding Windows Store inside Windows 8. This application will let the users browse through the Windows applications and at the same time developers can create their apps on Windows 8 and sell them to the general public. Microsoft already presented the new app store and presented a quick demo of it. Keep in mind that users can access the apps only through the new Windows app store.

Windows 8 Defender

The Windows Defender in Windows 8 is getting an upgrade. Windows Defender in the upcoming version will become the main antivirus for your PC. The protection will be against all kinds of worms, rootkits, Trojans and computer viruses. In addition to that, Windows Defender will use a file system filter, which includes a real time protection against malware threats in order for your computer to be better protected.

Release date

We can expect Windows 8 to arrive sometime in 2012, with hints on October. Still, it is too early to say for sure the date, since Windows 8 is still under construction. Nonetheless, the main question that is in everybody’s mind is: will the new Windows 8 succeed in winning the fight against Apple?

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