How to buy the right TV accessories

Now that you finally took the plunge and bought a new TV to replace or upgrade your old clunk, it's time to think of buying the right TV accessories. Depending on what comes with your new appliance, you might have to consider purchasing the basics first. Here is a list of TV accessories that might come handy.

The essential items

Mounts and brackets

Mounts or brackets or both are part of TV accessories that might be in your TV boxes. Mounts are simple to assemble. You might have to buy sturdier screws though to fix your brackets on the wall for stability. In addition, you need to drill holes on the wall and fix them with lead anchors or anchor screws.

TV furniture

If you decide to use the TV mount, you then will need a shelf to put your TV. A sturdy dresser or cupboard will do if you're short of cash. However, buying a TV cupboard is an ideal solution. TV shelves or cupboards come in many styles and designs. The furniture also serves as storage space for other gadgets such as a VCR, DVD player, and a game console.

Measure the dimension of your screen before heading to the shop to make sure that your TV will fit in the furniture you are eyeing. Consider the height of the TV as well and how it would affect your viewing experience. Sit on your couch and simulate the distance between your seat and the TV. You should watch TV at an eye level to avoid neck strains and discomfort.

Remote Control

Ever wondered what to do with all those remote controls lying on your coffee table? You have one for the TV, VCR, DVD player, PVR, stereo, gaming systems and probably for the projector as well. Synchronise all your viewing and listening activities into one remote. There are remote controls such as the Logitech Harmony Link that give the flexibility of integrating all gadgets into one device.

You do have to take some time to learn how to do it but imagine how you organised and clutter-free your table could be. Plus, you only have to use one remote instead of five.

Cables and connectors

You might also need extra cables to bring your devices where you want them.

Sound boxes

Crisp and crystal clear sounds enhance your viewing experience. Connecting high quality speakers with your television can make a real difference. When buying them, check that they are compatible with the model of your TV and that you have the right connectors to bring the audio from the TV to the amplifiers.

3D glasses

CRT TVs are nearly impossible to find these days with the influx of flat screens, plasma, HDMI and LCD televisions. Now, we are talking of 3D TVs. If you are one of those early birds, you will need 3D glasses to enhance your dimensional viewing.


Even if you have a recreation den or a separate room for watching television, it would be nice if you have a couple of hands free headsets. They are practical allowing you to watch a programme without disturbing another who is listening to music.

Surge protectors

With so many devices to connect and run at the same time, do not forget surge protectors. Look for ones that are widely spaced to hold different sizes of plugs or adaptors. Have at least 10 sockets for all appliances.

TV accessories are important

The list of TV accessories could go on and on. These are the ones that you might want to consider to add value to your viewing experience and make the most out of your new appliance. Your TV accessories also help in reducing clutter in living rooms, create more space, and secure your devices from technical failures and accidents.

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