Snow Leopard for your Mac

An upgrade to Snow Leopard will get you a powerful, simpler and more advanced version of Mac OS X. It offers a large variety of enhancements, powerful technologies, support and new accessibility features. Snow Leopard was officially released on 28 August 2009. It is available for purchase from Apple’s site and from Apple’s retail stores.


The updated Snow Leopard can improve your whole experience as a Mac user. It is more reliable, faster and easier to use. With Snow Leopard, shutting down and waking from sleep is faster than ever. With the new core technologies, you are unleashing the most advanced hardware for your Mac. Snow Leopard has a support for the newest version of Microsoft Exchange Server. The main goals for Snow Leopard were to improve performance and to reduce its overall memory footprint.


Very interesting is that for installing Snow Leopard, you don’t have to enter any serial numbers. This means that if at any time you need to reinstall your Snow Leopard, you don’t need to install the Leopard first and then upgrade to Snow Leopard. The installation is very simple. It starts as soon as you click the installer and installation time is much less than in previous editions. If you decide to customise the installation, you will notice that the printer drivers are very different in Snow Leopard. In previous editions, you had the choice of installing drivers from a particular vendor. In the case of Snow Leopard, it recognises and installs the necessary drivers for the printers you were using in the past.

Considerations before buying

Snow Leopard offers a collection of features, as well as modifications that are worth every penny. However, if you have a 32-bit Intel Mac, the upgrade will be less noticeable. However, for the majority of the Mac users will find that Snow Leopard is a great improvement.

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