What's next for the PSP console?

If you are looking for a hand held console, you are spoilt for choice at the moment, and the DS, 3DS and PSP are still leading the way. They have come a long way from the Gameboy and the Game Gear of yesteryear. The DS and 3DS are great hand held consoles with so much to offer considering their size.

Sony are trying to battle Nintendo and are catching up by advancing the PSP console. PSPs have been available in Europe since September 2005. Over 3.2 million PSPs have been sold in the UK and well over 71 million worldwide (the DS has sold over 147 million units worldwide).

PSP started with the PSP 1000 and was released in Japan in December 2004. It had 32MB RAM and 32MB internal storage. They then released the PSP 2000 in September 2007 and later the PSP 3000 in October 2008. These had more RAM and internal memory compared to the original PSP, and they also had a built in microphone, making Skype calls easier.

The PSP Go was released in October 2009 and was better in almost every aspect in relation to previous models, especially with regards to the huge 16GB of internal memory.

Coming next for PSP is the PSP E 1000 and the PSP Vita. The E 1000 is going to be a budget version of the PSP, and will be the only model without Wi-Fi capabilities.

The Vita could rival the 3DS. It will be the first model to have a touch screen, dual analogue sticks and a 5 inch OLED screen. It will also boast a rear touch pad, six axis motion control and front and rear cameras. For gamers this could be an exciting addition to the hand held console market. It is not expected to hit the shelves until 2012 and the price tag is expected to be around £249 to £299.

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