New and improved features of Office 15

Office 15, the newest version of Microsoft's productivity tools was tested in May 2011 promising an enhanced user experience with the many improved features of the software. It is one of the most popular productivity suites available for computing today, building on previous programmes and tweaking weak points from earlier versions of the software.


Office 15 is an enhanced productivity tool expected to deliver new and functional features:


Office 15 is based on the Metro Design Language, an internal code made by Microsoft originally meant to support Windows 7 on phones. Taken as such, Office 15 will likely follow the same path that will create uniformity among all Microsoft products such as the X-Box 360, Windows Live, and Windows 8 (scheduled for rollout in 2012).

Enhanced features of applications

Using the Metro Design Language, Microsoft Outlook benefits from this feature enabling users to get better visualisation of lined tasks.

PowerPoint, one of the most useful productivity tools in Microsoft suites, is expected to include new, extra templates, better visuals, and a smarter look.

Excel's upgrades will include new tools for filtering data, an ability to convert Roman numerals to Arabic numbers, and even inclusion of trigonometric functions.

The Word programme may yet receive the biggest facelift or improvement as it is expected to include the ability to integrate and embed video and audio files online as well as their dissemination.

Technical support

Microsoft pledges to iron out the kinks once Office 15 is officially released including Open Office XML Strict. It also supports streamlining all previous suites by making them interoperable and compatible with earlier versions to ease in adoption especially in government offices.

Expected release

Microsoft officials are mum about Office 15, refusing to reveal anything until it is released to the public late this year. One thing is sure though, users are expecting that Office 15 meets their needs and demands, an expectation that will increase productivity in both the business, government, and the private world.

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