What you should know about MegaUpload

MegaUpload is a file sharing site that allows users to upload, store, and share files. There are 15 known file sharing sites including MegaPix and MegaBox. However, due to infringement of copyright issues and intellectual property rights, it was shut down in January 2012. It is no longer accessible on the web pending the outcome of a litigation.

Reasons for its success and implication

MegaUpload had a simple business model, encourage any user to upload audio (songs) and video content. Anyone can download the content. Profits are generated from thousands of ads served on the sites.

Diversity of offerings

MegaUpload is a big business offering a large selection of media content. Part of its attraction was in the diversity of platforms offered to the user. It owned MegaPix, MegaLive and MegaVideo. It even had an adults site only.

File sharing for business and family purposes

Anyone can use the sites to upload and store files without the huge costs of maintaining them. MegaUpload had servers distributed all over the world.

A way to earn money

Uploaders who get a lot of downloads get a slice of the profits.

Cheap way to download files

For a minimal fee, a paying member has unlimited access to movies and music on MegaUpload.


The decision to close MegaUpload was a result of the 71-page indictment of the US FBI alleging copyright infringement through uploading media content that should otherwise be paid, impacting the movie and music industry.

No access for legitimate users

Since registered users can no longer access their files, this presents a great concern to those who uploaded files for business or personal purposes. There are legitimate users of the site's services and there is no way to get them back unless the site is resurrected. Apparently, MegaUpload warned all users to keep a back up of their files and data loaded to the site, exonerating them from taking responsibility.

Increase in cyber attacks

In retaliation for this move, several cyber attacks have occurred particularly on US government websites.

Phishing scams

It also poses a risk for ordinary users as phishing is rampant with decoy sites pretending to be the resurrected MegaUpload. People eager to see the site up again are going to be tricked into giving passwords, email addresses and other sensitive information.

Who benefits?

MegaUpload had a lot of following but since it was put out of business, there is no way to access the site. Its owner and cohorts were arrested with pending cases in court from copyright infringement to intent to commit fraudulent acts such as money laundering. There are other file sharing sites like MegaUpload, yet they are still online. The question that comes to everyone's mind is, who benefits from closing down MegaUpload?

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